WestWay Luxury Suites

Relax and revive peacefully in The Palace at Westway Luxury Suites. The twin deluxe rooms feature two twin beds in a spacious and stylishly designed room, which gives our guests ample space, comfort, and convenience, making them ideal for either solo or shared stays. 
The twin deluxe rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and an en-suite bathroom with free toiletries. Our guests who sleep in Twin Deluxe Rooms enjoy high-quality linens, plush bedding, and comfortable pillows, ensuring a restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

The room can be booked as a single for one person or double for a couple or twin with two separate beds.

$42 - Ugx.150,000

A wonderfully lit room with a large, luxurious and elegant space. As soon as you enter the room you will be greeted by the wonderfully majestic
ambience and the great view from the balcony if you choose a room with a balcony.


King Size Bed

Sofa Bed

LED TV 32 Inch


Wifi Internet

Around The Twin Deluxe Rooms

Mosquito Net

Double Comfortable Bed

Toilet & Shower

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